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Rudge on YouTube

Here's a selection of Rudge Whitworth clips from YouTube to entertain you. Want to see more? Have a look at our Virtual Rally 2020.

Rudge Ulster modernised

Full floating sprocket adapter timing belt conversion for magneto drive 12 Volt 150 Watts dynamo and Halogen H4 light Hagon shock in the front fork

Alf Hagon on a Rudge

The first Englishman to exceed 200MPH on a motorcycle in May 1968

Rudge Special Motorcycle 1938 Vintage

Including sights and sounds of the Rudge and an interview by the motorcycle's owner Sonic.

Rudges at Coupes Moto Legende

Rudge Race Bikes on the racetrack of Dijon-Prenois 2012, France

1937 Rudge race motorcycle

Rudge Ulster BJ 1938 500cc

1938 Rudge 250 Sports

1938 Rudge 250 Sports motorcycle Running at Solo Moto.

Lydden British Historic Racing 2007

A 250cc Race at Lydden British Historic Racing 2007 featuring Mervyn Stratford, Nigel Lines & Stu Noble.

Full Floating Sprocket Adapter

Newly produced adapter allows you a quick change of ratios. Powersaving as the sprockets centres itself in line with the chain.

1913 Rudge Multi Start-Up

Vintage Motorcycle 1913 Rudge Multi Start-Up at British & European Classic Motorcycle Day, Germantown, MD, 2010.

Garelli Mosquito 38cc 1948 Rudge

Garelli Mosquito 38cc on 1948 Rudge-Whitworth Sports Bicycle.

Brooklands 2012

The Rudge Club at Brooklands 2012.

1938 Sport Special on Dartmoor

Riding a vintage Rudge motorcycle on Dartmoor, Polish or Ride?

Merv at the Bob Mac

Merv on his Rudge racer.

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